Grey Matter Media Board Opportunities

Grey Matter Media Board Opportunities

Board applications open until Sept. 8, 2021 at midnight!

The most formalized type of volunteers are our board members. At the end of each summer, we invite community members to apply to become board members and we fill vacant board slots each year in the fall. Read below for more information on requirements for board members, voting, types of board opportunities and more.

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At Grey Matter Media and Matter News, we strive to assemble a board as diverse as our community and create a company culture that makes ours a good space for diverse people to work together. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds.

A few notes about our open board positions:

The Grey Matter Media board is a 'working board'. In addition to the basics, like voting on the budget and keeping the organization in line with its mission, members serve on a committee. We currently have two board committees: finance / legal and audience development.

Questions? Reach out to Cassie Young, managing director, at

Member Responsibilities

Team Requirements

You will have very few requirements — and lots of opportunities — to engage with the Matter team.

There are just two main requirements: (1) Board members should live primarily in Central Ohio, and (2) They should be passionate about/aligned with GMM/Matter's mission. Below are other responsibilities our board members typically have:

Meeting Attendance: Attendance at any meetings required for your role to be carried out.

Responsiveness: Respond in a timely manner (typically no less than 5 days) to emails about important votes or other developments. This happens about 4-6 times per year.

Stay-In-The-Know: Read the 1-page monthly team update that comes into your email inbox and the GMM General channel in Slack. Follow Matter News on our social platforms and share our content when you see it.

Keep Us Informed: Keep the managing directors informed of relevant community concerns and let us know of any perceived potential conflicts of interest.

Rep Matter News: Serve as an informal brand ambassador by telling people about GMM/Matter's mission and work, sharing our content on social media and via other avenues.

Contribute: Contribute skills and connections, especially those the core team lacks.

Legal Requirements

We must have a board because we are a nonprofit organization. Having a board that helps with the organization's governance gives a layer of oversight and accountability that many for-profit organizations lack. Here are the legal responsibilities:

Ensure that the organization is acting in accordance with the law and its mission.

Approve the budget for Grey Matter Media annually.

Provide fiscal oversight, particularly for expenditures that are over $500 for any non-budgeted expenses.


If you have any questions or would like to have a chat before you fill out an application, email Cassie Young, managing director, at

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