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Republishing Our Content

Matter News is a digital publication out of Grey Matter Media, an independent, nonprofit news organization. Our articles, videos, web applications and data visualizations are designed to make you think and empower you to act. Part of that empowerment comes from telling the whole story — and sharing it, too. That’s why we’ve elected to share our stories with anyone who’s willing to republish them, given the guidelines below.

Our Creative License

We operate under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND). It allows republishers to download our work and share it with their audiences as long as they credit Matter. This license prevents republishers from changing stories in any way — besides those outlined below — or use them for commercial purposes.

Republishing Guidelines

After republishing our content, email at with which story you’re republishing.


1. At the top of the story, include the following: “Hyperlinked Original Headline” was originally published by Matter News, a local news nonprofit in Columbus, Ohio.

• Credit our reporter at the top of the page like this: By FirstName LastName

2. Only edit our stories to reflect references to the following items: time, as in “tomorrow” to “yesterday”, location, as in “Austin” to “here”, etc.
3. Make sure to include all graphics or HTML embeds of our interactive graphics. If you need support transferring files, please send an email at
4. Include all links if republishing online.

Matter is not responsible for any of its content that can be found on blogs, applications, or websites that choose to reblog or republish content by Matter. Matter does not and will not endorse blogs, websites, bloggers, journalists, or writers who reblog or repost stories originally available on Matter. Matter does not compensate bloggers, journalists, or writers who reblog or repost works by Matter. Matter is not responsible for any mistranslations of Matter content.

For questions or more information, please send an email to

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