LIVE: Here's the latest on protests for Casey Goodson
Illustration by Marisa Twigg

LIVE: Here's the latest on protests for Casey Goodson

Casey Goodson Jr. was shot and killed by Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Meade on December 4, and now, protests against police violence are popping up throughout the city.

Protest kicks-off with Beatty and Goodson‘s family

Downtown Columbus was yet again filled with protesters a week after Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Meade shot and killed Casey Goodson Jr.

The protests started at 6 pm in front of the courthouse Congresswoman Joyce Beatty gave a few comments before the crowd began moving up High Street.

About an hour later, protesters blocked off an intersection and circled around Goodson‘s family and their lawyer.

Both Tamala Payne, Goodson’s mother, and Sean Walton, one of the family’s attorneys, spoke on the need to get justice in the case and how they believe this happened because Goodson was Black.

At one point, the mother of Julius Tate spoke directly to Payne about her experience. The two hugged each other in the middle of the crowd.

After speaking, protesters began moving again, but the family was escorted away after organizers and the family repeatedly asked the crowd to back up with no results

Here is a full video of the first two hours of protest.

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