Get Involved at Matter News

Get Involved with Matter News

Matter News is a digital publication out of Grey Matter Media, an independent, nonprofit news organization. We have several paid and volunteer opportunities for our community to get involved with Matter. Most of our volunteer positions can be created to fit your specific needs, wants and interests, so be sure to board page for more info.

Interested board members may apply year-round here, though your application will not be reviewed until fall elections or in the case a vacancy needs filled outside of elections. We do keep your application on file, and when spots do open up, we follow up with applicants to ask if they are still interested, as well as give applicants the opportunity to update their applications.

Other Volunteers

Outside of board members, we are always interested in volunteers that want to help with various parts of our operation, particularly for Grey Matter Media and the nonprofit side of our organization.

Interested volunteers can apply here.

Paid Employment Opportunities

Freelance Contributor Positions

The regular paid opportunities we have are in the form of freelance contributor assignments. Matter primarily works with a team of "core contributors" that includes people who create content with us on an ongoing basis. We train these core contributors in journalism skills, as well as in Matter's style and strategy. We work with these contributors over time on various projects. Matter is open to receiving applications from freelancers and will plug them into the core team if appropriate. Please understand that our one-person editing team only has capacity to work with a small amount of contributors at a time, and we also must ensure our content creators reflect the breadth and depth of humans in our community.

Freelance reporters can apply here.

Paid Internships

We typically take on at least one paid intern each year, and take on unpaid interns on an ongoing basis depending on our team's capacity. When paid internships are open, they are posted to our website, LinkedIn and Indeed.

At this time, there are no paid internship positions available. If you would like to apply for an internship for class credit only, please email our editorial team with your resume and three samples of your work if interested in a reporting internship, or send along your resume and what you would be interested in interning with Matter for if not pursuing a reporting internship.

Staff Positions

As a small startup news nonprofit, we have very little in the way of paid employment opportunities in terms of part-time and full-time staff positions. When these are open, they are posted to LinkedIn and Indeed, as well as on our website under "get involved".


If you have any questions or would like to have a chat before you fill out an application, email Cassie Young, managing director, at

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