We had A.I. review the A.I.-generated beer recipes at Species X

Here’s what ChatGPT had to say about the ‘dank’ creations offered up by Columbus’ new, artificial intelligence-based brewery.
Species X Beer Project
Species X Beer ProjectAndy Downing

Maybe artificial intelligence will one day doom us all

In the interim, at least one Columbus brewery, Species X Beer Project, is harnessing the planet-wrecking power of A.I. to develop recipes for IPAs, sours and something it bills as a “pastry Baltic porter.” (Species X is not alone in this pursuit, with Australia-based Modus Brewing previously launching an East Coast IPA developed with A.I.)

Currently, Species X, which took over the former Platform Beer space downtown, offers a half-dozen brews dreamed up by A.I. These creations, dubbed “Silicon Species,” are served up alongside “Carbon” recipes crafted by more traditional brewmasters.

We plugged the menu descriptions for each of these computer-generated beers into ChatGPT and asked for its reviews. Here, in 100 words or less, is what it had to say about each offering.


This IPA bursts with a symphony of hop flavors. The Calypso brings a hint of apple and pear, while Mosaic contributes its signature tropical fruitiness. Strata adds layers of dank pine and passionfruit notes, complemented by the citrusy zest of Motueka and the bright, tangerine-like essence of Mandarina Bavaria. The combination creates a complex aroma that leads into a balanced palate, where the bitterness is restrained but present, allowing the vibrant hop flavors to shine. With a clean finish and refreshing mouthfeel, this brew is a delightful exploration of hop variety and harmony. A must-try for IPA enthusiasts.


This sour ale is a tropical paradise in a glass. The strawberries offer a burst of sweet, juicy flavor, while the lime adds a zesty tanginess that tantalizes the taste buds. Pineapple brings a refreshing tropical twist, perfectly balanced by the creamy sweetness of lactose and the smooth warmth of vanilla. The combination of natural flavors enhances the complexity, creating a harmonious symphony of fruity and creamy notes. With a bright, refreshing finish and a hint of tartness, this brew is a delightful escape to a sunny island getaway. A must-try for those seeking a fruity, flavorful beer experience.

Chr15 P: 001

This American Light Lager shines with a refreshing twist. Sabro hops bring a unique blend of coconut, citrus, and tropical fruit aromas, adding depth to the traditionally light lager profile. Lemondrop hops contribute bright lemon and herbal notes, enhancing the beer's crispness and drinkability. The combination results in a balanced brew that offers a subtle complexity while remaining approachable and easy-drinking. With a clean, smooth finish and a hint of citrus zest, this beer is perfect for a sunny day or any occasion where a light and flavorful refreshment is desired. A refreshing take on a classic style.

Darw1n: 001

This Fruited Sour Ale is a vibrant explosion of flavors. The cherries lend a rich sweetness, balanced by the tropical tang of pineapple and the juicy burst of blueberries. Maple syrup adds a warm, earthy undertone, elevating the complexity. Fermented with Hornindal Kveik yeast, it offers subtle spicy and fruity esters, enhancing the overall profile. The result is a harmonious blend of fruity sweetness and tartness, with a hint of rustic character from the yeast. With a refreshing finish and layers of depth, this brew is a delightful journey for the taste buds, perfect for those seeking a unique and flavorful experience.


This Lager is a testament to balance and craftsmanship. Maris Otter malt provides a sturdy backbone, imparting a rich, bready character with hints of biscuit. Belgian Candi Syrup adds depth and complexity, contributing notes of dark fruit and caramelized sugar without overwhelming the palate. Callista hops offer a delicate yet distinct aroma, with floral and fruity nuances that complement the malt profile beautifully. The result is a smooth and refined Lager, with a gentle sweetness and a subtle hop presence. Crisp, clean, and incredibly drinkable, this brew showcases the artistry of traditional brewing techniques with a touch of innovation.

Beh3moth: 001

This Pastry Baltic Porter is a decadent symphony of flavors. Marshmallows and milk sugar lend a creamy sweetness, while Belgian Candi Syrup adds depth and complexity with hints of dark fruit. Raspberries, cherries, and tangerines provide a burst of fruity brightness, balanced by rich notes of chocolate and coffee. Vanilla adds a smooth, velvety texture, enhancing the indulgent experience. Dry-hopped generously with NH-107, it offers a subtle yet distinctive hop aroma. Fermented with lager yeast and featuring 12 types of malt, this brew is a masterclass in complexity and balance, delivering a rich and satisfying sensory journey for the palate.

Finally, while I realize you can’t actually drink any of these, I did want to ask what you think we should toast to (and please don't say to A.I. taking my job).

Let's toast to resilience, to brighter days ahead, and to the strength we find in each other during tough times. Here's to overcoming challenges, to finding joy in the little things, and to the power of friendship and support. Cheers!

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