Interactive: A guide to who's who in the Andre Hill case

The police killing of 47-year-old Black man Andre Hill sparked outrage, and now, the officer responsible faces criminal charges. Here's a guide to understand who's who as the case progresses.
Interactive: A guide to who's who in the Andre Hill case

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The police killing of 47-year-old Black man Andre Maurice Hill just days before Christmas had caused many community members, including Mayor Andrew Ginther, to call for former Columbus police officer Adam Coy’s immediate termination. The shooting occurred early on December 22, 2020.

Hill, who was unarmed, was a visitor at a friend's house when the former officer shot and killed him inside a garage. Coy, who did not turn on his body-worn camera during the incident, has since been indicted for Hill's death. A jury charged him with murder, felonious assault, and two counts of dereliction of duty. The former police officer has posted bail and was released from jail on February 9, 2021.

The case initially fell under the jurisdiction of the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office. However, due to a change of leadership around the new year, FCPO requested that Attorney General Dave Yost’s office serve as a special prosecutor. Democrat Gary Tyack defeated long-time Republican prosecutor Ron O'Brien in a general election on November 4, 2020.

Hill's tragic death and the surrounding case have garnered lots of national media coverage as well. The death of another Black man by law enforcement's hands garnered national attention and furthered the growing distrust between many of Columbus’ residents and Columbus Police. What's more, the same incident resulted in Columbus City Council approving "Andre's Law," which would make failure to use body cameras during law enforcement a criminal offense and allocate $4.5 million to buy new body cameras.

As the case progresses, knowing who is doing what is vital, so here's a guide to who's who split into three categories: Hill's family and lawyers, police involved in the incident, and the investigators.

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